Psyched Life® Stickers

Stickers are a way to express ourselves. Whereas some use them for humor others use  them for motivation. Some stickers may be meant to convey an opinion or belief—the power of a sticker is highly subjective. However, whatever the reason an individual decided to slap that sticker on one or many of their personal belongings, it had enough of an effect on that person for them to let the sticker do some talking for them.

Some are frivolous sticker slappers, as can be noted on back windshields that have been turned into billboards. Others, are pickier, and choose one sticker on their hallowed space, such as their laptop.

As a child we revered stickers as much as candy. In fact, we may have chosen a super hero sticker over a lollipop at the doctor. We wore that super hero sticker on our chest as a badge of pride. And why not? For we were in fact super at that moment.

Just as we did when we were young we still use the sticker to show off a bit of who we are. The sticker isn’t really for anyone else, it’s for us – to have and appreciate. Stickers have a subtle power. Plus, they can be so much fun.

Psyched Life stickers hold the message of the company behind them -- never ending growth, a desire for diverse adventures, and the ability to face the challenges of life with a good attitude. The size of the sticker packs a punch. Let a Psyched Life sticker help express you.

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