Our Story

We adventurers really like our gear. We leave it lying around our house, subtly showing it off
to visitors and we love how it represents our wild side. Yeah! We’re proud of our gear.

Are we gearheads? Maybe. But its more than that. The relationship between an adventurer and
their gear is important. Gear must be trustworthy. It must have our back. When all else fails we
need to know we can depend on it. That is why we hold it in such high regard. That is why
when people represent our brand, they do so with pride. Dependability equals confidence.

At Psyched Life® Activewear we constantly strive to create for you the best gear possible.

We are a small company producing quality products. Every product goes through prototype
testing and design refinement to be sure we create gear our customers can count on.

Available for purchase now: fun promotional items branded with Psyched Life® and our
slogan - Feel Good. Be Happy. Get Psyched.®
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Please feel free to message us if you have any questions or comments.

All of our products are made from organic bamboo, hemp, cotton, wool or recycled material.
They are designed to be durable for your most extreme recreational activities and comfortable
for your most hardcore couch-potato days.

We ensure that our manufactures promote fair labor practices and do not use child labor.
The planet and its people are our number one priority. We are a company in progress that
takes all aspects of a sustainable, eco-friendly business into consideration.

We will continue to grow and constantly look for new ways to improve.
Thank you for taking the time to visit our page.

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